Gamekeeper’s Diary star goes pigeon shooting

National Gamekeeper Association’s Geoff Garrod and his son Justin are out on the pigeons. Justin has been building up his experience on clays before tackling live quarry. This item first appeared in Fieldsports Britain, episode 117. To watch the whole show go to  

Confronting angry antis

When anti-hunting animal rights activists left death threats and threats of violence against our contributors on our YouTube site, we thought it would be interesting to ring up one of the keyboard terrorists and ask if he really wants to kill us… There’s a serious side to this film too. Fieldsports are legal, fun and […]

Pellet power and performance – Fast moving targets

Pellet power and performance – Fast moving targets

Lots of people don’t have access to a range to get into the swing of shooting driven game. Well here’s a cheap and cheerful way of getting used to moving targets. Why not get yourself a remote controlled car and strap a target to it? You don’t have to use a high powered rifle – […]


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