Budget night vision ratting

Andy Crow and friends build a night-vision rifle scope out of parts they find lying around on eBay. He has a rat problem in one of the barns on his farm. Happily, he has a rifle. Will his homemade DIY NV set-up be up to the job? This item first appeared in Fieldsports Britain episode […]

Goshawks on pheasants and rabbits

The goshawk is called ‘the cook’s bird’ because it’s the one you need if you want to fill your freezer. Top austringer (hawker) Roy Lupton is out after pheasants and rabbits – with success! This item first appeared in Fieldsports Britain episode 163. To watch the whole show go to Fcha.nl/fieldsportsbritain163 Sign up to our […]

Fieldsports Britain – DIY night vision + flying hawks on pheasants

Roy Lupton is out with his goshawk after rabbits and pheasants, and he has an apprentice with a red-tailed hawk. It’s a great spectator sport. Meanwhile, Andy Crow was appalled at Roy’s homemade attempts at night vision last week, he has brought a rat-shooting mate who has made a much better version for less money. […]


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