Hunting fallow deer and roos in Australia

Charlie Jacoby is out with Mark Reams after fallow deer in Victoria, Australia, on farmland outside Melbourne, and speaks to Simon Toop from Game Victoria. Plus, what’s the score with shooting kangaroos? For more from Outdoor Sporting Agencies, visit

Winchester 42Max subsonic and PowerPoint supersonic review

The 42 Max is a .22LR round designed by Winchester Australia to be a bit punchier than the usual subsonic round. It’s designed for rabbits, like the old 40-grain bullet, but the new 42-grain round is even suitable for foxes. We also have a look at the PowerPoint 42Max supersonic round. We’re in Australia at […]

Aussie deer and kangaroo stalking

Kangaroo hunting is all you want to do when carefully-planned stalk after stalk on the fallow deer of Victoria in Australia is spoilt by huge herds of roos, spotting you before you can get close. Charlie Jacoby follows a licensed roo cull in Australia. This item first appeared in Fieldsports Britain, episode 183. To watch […]


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