Scottish pheasant shooting at the Aberarder estate

Scottish pheasant shooting at the Aberarder estate

We join a party of guns at the Aberarder shoot in Inverness-shire for a day’s driven pheasant and partridge. It is a beautifully-kept estate run by an enthusiastic team. The guns – all of them from Texas – have a wonderful day ahead of them. If you would like to go shooting at Aberarder, contact […]

Shotgun cartridge test… your shooting will improve

How do different cartridges behave? Andy Crow shows how to choose the perfect cartridge for your shooting. In this episode of CrowHow, he also offers tips on how to fine tune your shotgun – what chokes to use for which situations. And Andy’s brother-in law’s new gun doesn’t hit birds. Andy sets up an easy […]

Fieldsports Britain – Fine-tune your shotgun

Scottish grouse, pheasants and how to make your shotgun shoot straighter. The legendary Crowman is putting a series of cartridges through their paces, showing how to get the best from your shotgun and what to look for in the perfect shotshell. We’re also in Scotland after grouse, salmon and stags in a three-day Macnab break. […]


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