Fieldsports Britain – Fallow Buck Shooting

It is all about pests this week – deer pests and people pests. Andy Crow has a fallow buck problem. He needs to clear the fallow off his farm in Kent, so he enlists friend Justin to help. Meanwhile, BBC TV’s Chris Packham is off to Malta to try to whip up feeling against hunters. […]

Crow’s Deer Cull

Andy Crow needs to get the fallow deer off his crops if he is to save them. There are only a few days of the season left. It’s a race against time. This film was first shown in Fieldsports Britain episode 335.  To watch the whole show go to  

Interview: Wild Birds Regulation Unit, Malta

This is our full interview with Sergei Golovkin, which we obtained with the kind permission of the prime minister of Malta. Sergei has one of the toughest jobs on Malta. He has to keep the peace between the violent antis from Birdlife and CABS, led by TV personalities such as Chris Packham and Bill Oddie […]


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