Fieldsports Britain – Hunting Britain’s Prettiest Deer

It’s Stalking Success with Paul Childerley – our new series about deerstalking. He is out after early summer roebuck in rolling Oxfordshire, one of the loveliest stalks you can do in the Britain. Filled with tips and the excitement of the hunt, Paul has lots of bucks to choose from. Meanwhile, Laporte flies us to […]

Olympic shotgun shell test

As well as doping testing, athletes have their kit scrutinised too. Want to know how they stop shooting cheats? We go behind the scenes at the Deodoro stadium, Rio de Janeiro, venue for the 2016 Olympic shooting events, to meet the man who is doing just that: Wilhelm Grill. For more about Laporte clay pigeon […]

Summer Roebuck Stalk

Summer Roebuck Stalk

What do you do with too many roebucks? Go out to cull them. Paul Childerlety is on a management hunt in the lovely Oxfordshire countryside. For more about the Shooterking clothing Paul wears, go to For Sako rifles, visit This film was first shown in Fieldsports Britain episode 340. To watch the whole […]


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