Fieldsports Britain – Eratication

When the rats become immune to poison, you know you have a problem. A chicken farmer calls in Cai Ap Bryn for an airgun session to try to control rats that are plaguing his barn hens. Meanwhile, Charlie is off to Denmark to find out about how they stalk roebuck, how they train their deerstalkers […]

How to Shoot 100 Rats

Here’s how to have a massive pest control outing. Cai Ap Bryn hefts his trusty Air Arms airgun and an array of night vision to deal with a South-of-England chicken farmer’s rat problem. For Air Arms, visit http:/ For ShooterKing clothing, go to This film was first shown in Fieldsports Britain episode 344. To […]

Deerstalking Danish Style How do they hunt deer in Denmark? How do they train deerhunters? And what do European hunters really think of Brexit? Charlie Jacoby goes deerstalking with David Carsten Pedersen and to ‘Skytte Center Ulfborg’ to find out – plus to try out these products from Zeiss, Harkila, Sauer and Hornady.           […]


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