Best wildfowling dog breeds

Nick and Matt from Langstone Harbour Wildfowlers have strong views about what makes a good wildfowling dog and how to train them. Here are their tips. This item is sponsored by Seeland. And by Eley-Hawk This film was first shown in Fieldsports Britain episode 346.  To watch the whole show go to […]

July Pigeon Patrol

Andy Crow is hosting young shot extraordinaire Brody Woollard for a day’s shooting. They are trying to keep the pigeons from raiding Crow’s crops of lucern and barley. For more about Beretta, go to For UK Shoot Warehouse, visit For Gamebore cartridges, go to For Jack Pyke clothing, visit This film […]

Fieldsports Britain – Pigeonshooting with Crow and Brody

Andy Crow and Brody Woollard get together to save two fields from the same spot. The pigeons are coming in to lucern and fallen barley, and the Jedi and his young Padawan have to shoot back-to-back to stay on top of them. Meanwhile, the Langstone Harbour wildfowlers are back with top tips on wildfowling dogs. […]


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