Fieldsports Britain – Roy is Shooting Foxes

Why do you see grey partridges? Because someone is shooting the local foxes. Roy Lupton is out on Kent marshland to shoot the young foxes that have left their dens and are feasting off ground nesting birds as they search for new territories. That’s not all. The NRA Shotgun League at Bisley is not a […]

Roys Marshland Foxes

Roys Marshland Foxes

Grey partridges are thriving on this area of marshland in Kent, but only because Roy Lupton is controlling the foxes. The job tonight is clearing up cubs. This item appears on YouTube in Fieldsports Britain, episode 349. To watch the whole show go to  

NRA Shotgun League

It is not a shotgun sport you’d usually see at a shooting ground. The NRA Shotgun League sees 130 shooters take part in an action packed two-day match in Surrey. We cover the loud and fast-paced event at the National Rifle Association in Bisley, we talk to the shooters and find out what it is […]


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