Looking after Dorset’s Sika Deer

Looking after Dorset’s Sika Deer

We are stalking sika stags in the rut. Keith Emery is a man with a mission. He loves deer, he feeds deer and he shoots deer. Keith lives in South Dorset next to one of the biggest concentrations of sika deer in the world. It is the sika rut and so a good time to […]

When deer management gets personal

Anyone who manages a deer herd is doing it because they want the best for those animals – but sometimes it gets personal. Roy Lupton has known one particular fallow buck for eight years. Is now the right time to take him? This film was first shown in Fieldsports Britain episode 361. To watch the […]

Fieldsports Britain – Rut Fest

It’s out with the rifle as deer ruts are underway all over Britain. We look at this year’s sika rut in Dorset with the help of deer manager Keith Emery. And Roy Lupton is clattering his antlers as he comes face to face with one of the fallow bucks of his lifetime. Plus there is […]


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