Charlie’s Driven Hunt 360

We’ve gone 360! Immerse yourself in a driven big game hunt in Germany. Join Charlie in the stand for the highs and lows of a driven hunting day, in the Zeiss Media Hunt 2016. For more about the Victory V8 scope and SF binos, visit For the new Sauer 404 Synchro, go to […]

Fast Action Wild Boar

It is driven hunting at its finest. Paul Childerley is on the Zeiss Media Hunt on the Laubach estate in Hesse, Germany. he tries out the new Zeiss Victory SF binoculars and the Zeiss Victory V8 scope. If you are thinking of buying binos like Paul’s, we found these prices for the Zeiss Victory SF […]

Scottish Woodcock Shoot

When the rest of Europe freezes in winter, woodcock head for the west coast of the British Islaes where the gulf stream keeps the land warm and allows them to probe in the mud for worms. That makes the west coast – from Cornwall through Wales and Ireland to the Scottish Highlands and Islands – […]

Fieldsports Britain – Woodcock

Three days of fabulous woodcock shooting in the Highlands of Scotland, all packed into our lead item on #FieldsportsBritain this week. Charlie Jacoby is out with Blaser to look at the new F16 shotgun, plus Will Hetherington from Shooting Gazette magazine and Rebecca Green from Sporting Shooter. It’s a bumper year for woodcock on Scotland’s […]


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