Hunting at Eriksberg

Hunters and wildlife watchers both love the Eriksberg estate in Southern Sweden. You can go there to drink in nature with a pair of binos, or with the addition of a rifle. Charlie Jacoby finds out how they manage some of Europe’s biggest wildlife. For Norma’s ammunition, visit For more about Eriksberg, go to […]

Fieldsports Britain – Hunting the Scottish Hills

Run an estate in Scotland and it’s not all summer grouse, salmon and stags. In the winter, you have to bring down hind numbers on the hill. That’s what Niall Rowantree is doing at Ardnamurchan, with help from Sporting Shooter editor Rebecca Green, Shooting Gazette editor Will Hetherington and the folk from Blaser Rifles. Find […]

Scottish Stalking

It’s time for the Ardnamurchan hind cull. Niall Rowantree is up the hill with Robert Sajitz and Alexandra Baur of Blaser, Sporting Shooter editor Rebecca Green and Shooting Gazette editor Will Hetherington. For Blaser’s R8 rifle, go to To go hindstalking at Ardnamurchan, visit This film was first shown in Fieldsports Britain episode […]


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