Protecting pigs from foxes

Protecting pigs from foxes

A farm in the East of England has a problem with a family of foxes. As well as snatching piglets they’re upsetting the sows and that can mean they crush their young. With pile of piglets for bait Roy Lupton is waiting out for them. This item first appeared in Fieldsports Britain, episode 39. To […]

British Helice grand prix 2010

West Kent Shooting School hosted the British Helice grand prix this year. It saw a strong showing from Michael Wenlsey (pictured), the mend’s senior winner Colin Hales, his son Nathan Hales who won the juniors, and the ladies and overall winner Dionne Rogers. Watch our review of the competition and learn a little about Helice […]

Fieldsports Britain – Pigeons, helice, pheasants and fallow

It’s all about pigeons – and a bit about pheasants and fallow deer. In this episode of our half-hour weekly show Fieldsports Britain, we’re in the West Country shooting pigeons with guns who got together on Facebook and we’re at the British Helice Grand Prix at the West Kent Shooting School – a shooting sport […]


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