Axis Deer Hunt in Argentina

Axis deer are a pest to farmers in northern Argentina. In the latest in his Rucksack & Rifle series, Tim Pilbeam has come from the UK to hunt them, a trip which starts with him paddling a canoe up a South American river. To go hunting axis deer + doves, water buffalo and wild boar, […]

Fieldsports Britain – Tropical Deer Stalking

Tim Pilbeam leaves his comfort zone of fallow and roe stalking in England to pick up Rucksack & Rifle and paddle up a river in Argentina in order to hunt axis deer. It is an extraordinary hunting experience for him, both the tropical landscape and the thick scrub where the animals hide out. Back in […]

Crow’s New Toys

Crow has been sent loads of new kit to try on pigeons and deer: – a new stock on his Blaser F16 – a new Blaser R8 with two barrel options – a personalised Aimpoint gun sight – new UK Shoot Warehouse pigeon decoys – new Gamebore Clear Pigeon cartridges Jon Carrington from Blaser Sporting […]


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