The Beating Line: Beaters’ Day

The Beating Line: Beaters’ Day

At last it comes round. In the final film in our Beaters’ Line series, it’s the end-of-season beaters’ day. Our three heroes – Jack, Richard and Peter – representing three generations of beaters, father, son and grandfather, are out with guns enjoying the sport they have provided for others over the last five months. For […]

The Beating Line: What’s It All About?

We are out with three generations of beaters from the same family: Jack, Richard and Peter Smith are father, son and grandson. It’s the first in our series about beating, and the youngest, Jack, explains what beating is all about. In the second film, we meet dad Richard. He explains why he loves going beating […]

A Year in the Life of Fallow Deer

Human-animal conflicts hit the headlines as Britain becomes more crowded, and there’s no animal in Britain as big or as conflicting as deer, writes Alex Howell. In urban parks in the summer, they are placid and approachable. The autumn brings dark nights, increased risk of collision with animals and – intoxicated by the deer rut […]


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