Fieldsports Britain – Park Deer Cull

Thirty deer need to be shot. But there are dogwalkers and other visitors to the park in the South-East of England. Phiz, Hugo and their team are out to fill the deer larder as quickly as possible, without being seen or heard by the deer or the people. Part 3 of A Year in the […]

Fifteen Famous People who Hunt

Here’s who we came up with. Who’s on your list? Famous People who Hunt playlist: Other credits Mandela picture: Jeremy Anderson Music: This film was first shown in Fieldsports Britain episode 435.  To watch the whole show go to

A Year in the Life of Fallow Deer

Human-animal conflicts hit the headlines as Britain becomes more crowded, and there’s no animal in Britain as big or as conflicting as deer, writes Alex Howell. In urban parks in the summer, they are placid and approachable. The autumn brings dark nights, increased risk of collision with animals and – intoxicated by the deer rut […]


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