Marsdens Feeds factory film

Here’s what to feed your pheasants. We go behind the scenes at Mardens Feeds to find out what goes into their sacks of game bird feeds. They deliver 1.4 million of them to gamekeepers a year, so they must be doing something right. ▶ For Marsdens, go to Modern Gamekeeper‘s other sponsors are: ▶ […]

How to raise falcon chicks

Roy’s falcon chicks are hatched and growing – and behaving just like velociraptors. He tours the raptor maternity ward and shows how to bring on young falcons and goshawks. This film was first shown in Fieldsports Britain episode 445. To watch the whole show go to

Fieldsports Britain – how to supercharge pheasants

Ever wondered what makes pheasants fly so well? Is it the dogs? The beaters? Well, gamekeepers might say it is the feed. In the first in our new series Modern Gamekeeper, gamekeeper Paul Childerley visits the Marsdens Feeds factory to find out what supercharges his birds. Staying on birds, Roy Lupton is raising several clutches […]


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