Fieldsports Channel Model Shoot

Our shop needs some good looking models. We made the plea – #AnyoneButDavid – and the Fieldsports Channel audience stepped up to stop David reigniting his modelling career. Here’s how Carlos Carubia photographed Jenna Gearing and Ryan Wood, the new faces of our merch. ▶ Visit the Fieldsports Channel shop ▶ For Jenna, visit […]

How to fix your rifle to shoot out to a mile

With long-range shooting technique and a few techie tweaks, Andrew Venables and the guys from Mauser get a cheap rifle, a Mauser M18, to shoot to 1,000 metres, and then its only slightly more expensive cousin, a Mauser M12, to shoot to 1,500 metres. ▶ To find out where to buy a Mauser M18 or […]

Fieldsports Britain – the 1500m shot

Here’s how to add a few bells and whistles to your rifle (plus some technique) so you can confidently shoot a target out to 1,500 metres. We take a couple of perfectly ordinary Mauser rifles to the mile-long ranges of West Wales and get firearms expert Andrew Venables to talk us into the target. It’s […]


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