Fieldsports Britain – Foxing Amongst Frogs

Roy Lupton is out on the marshes tidying up foxes before the partridge poults arrive – and all to the accompaniment of Europe’s largest frog. Happily, it’s not just the frogs that croak. Cai Ap Bryn is doing his bit for game meat, showing how to cook whole roe deer on a barbecue. He has […]

Roy’s partridge protection racket

Roy’s partridge protection racket

Roy Lupton is out with rifle and night vision to protect the as-yet undelivered partridge poults from the local foxes. If he gets his shots in early, the partridges will do well when they arrive in a few weeks time. It is a shoot on marshland in the South-East of England – and it’s a […]

Wild Meat Wedding – Hunt and Cook

With 100 hungry mouths to feed with venison, Cai Ap Bryn barbecues whole deer – and shows how. ▶ Cai Ap Bryn is sponsored by Sauer and Blaser Clothing ▶ For a lovely piece of venison from John Murray, visit ▶ Cai’s website is ▶ Click here for all of Cai’s films on […]


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