Hannah Gibson hits the pigeons – Crowhow

Top clay shot Hannah Gibson has never been pigeon shooting. Thanks to Andy Crow, that problem has now been solved – and she turns out to be an excellent pigeon shot. But then she is a British Open Sporting ladies champion, so what do you expect? Andy is sponsored by: ▶ Blaser Blaser-Sporting.com ▶ Gamebore […]

Somerset Simulated Game Shooting Day

A party of guns is getting ready for the game season – and how better to do that than on a ‘simulated’ shoot? – clay pigeons launched off the steep hills of Exmoor where a couple of months later real pheasants and partridges will be flying. ▶ To go shooting with Rich, go to Facebook.com/SomersetDrivenClays […]

Fieldsports Britain – Late Summer Pigeon Shooting

Andy Crow is out to mop up the pigeons on his farm with the help of top clay shot Hannah Gibson. She has not decoyed pigeons before – so does a background shooting the clay variety help? Find out here. Mark Winser is convinced that clay pigeon shooting will help your partridge shooting, as he […]


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