Huntsman trolls sabs with fox’s brush

News is sponsored by Percussion ▶ Huntsman trolls sabs with brush ▶ White woodcock ▶ ICTSF World Sporting championships, Co Meath, 3-6 July 2019 ▶ Rifleman Firearms opens rifle range ▶ French hunters video and ▶ US hunting YouTuber dies in accident ▶ Lady hunter shoots lion for food For a full […]

Fieldsports Britain – Monster Close-Range Wild Boar Hunting, episode 484

 Incredible close-up wild boar hunting action as a follow-up team takes to the marshes on an island off Sweden that’s being ravaged by the animals. They shoot one large boar at a range of just a few inches. Roy Lupton and Jason Doyle are there with Aimpoint on one of the most testing wild […]

Crow’s Pigeon Roost Shoot

A gathering of pigeon shooting greats: Andy Crow is asked to join Peter Theobald, Will Garfit, Jonathan Young and others for a pigeon clear-up day in Oxfordshire. The aim is to keep the birds with off the ground or hitting it with a thud. They set to with vigour, despite 35mph winds and some testing […]

Wild Boar Island

Roy Lupton is on a major wild boar cull in marshes off a Swedish island where wild boar have reached plague proportions. He is there with some of the best Swedish wild boar shooters, plus the team from rifle sights experts Aimpoint. This film is supported by: ▶ This film is supported by Aimpoint […]


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