Deer Killer Steam Engine – A Year in the Life of Highland Sport part 1

One of Scotland’s premier tourist attractions is setting fire to Scotland, and that’s causing a problem for deer. The Jacobite steam train sets fire to the hillside, Scottish Natural Heritage officers look at the burnt hillsides and conclude there is not enough habitat for deer. Niall explains what can be done. Plus he’s having to […]

Roy’s Thermal Foxshoot

Roy Lupton is hunting down the foxes that are feasting on lambs. He is armed with thermal and lamp, and on patrol around a farm in the South-East of England. Roy uses a Foxpro caller and Silva Fox mouth call, Pulsar thermal scope and Pulsar thermal spotter Click here for all of Roy’s films on […]

Fieldsports Britain – Scottish Deer on the Line

What’s the deer’s biggest enemy in the Highlands of Scotland? Man? Wolves? No – it’s the steam engine. In the first in his new series, A Year in the Life of Highland Sport, deer manager Niall Rowantree explains why the ‘Jacobite’ steam train is driving out deer from the Highlands and what can be done […]


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