Record Florida python – Fieldsports News, 10 April 2019

▶ Death threats for hunting guide ▶ Poacher killed by elephant ▶ Vegans are ‘shameful and un-Australian’ ▶ Hunters kill 17ft python in Florida ▶ Cormorant gobbles big trout ▶ Artifishal: The Fight to Save Wild Salmon ▶ Cornish cat ‘at least the size of an Alsatian’ ▶ Charlie fights for big game hunting […]

Stalking Success: Imogen’s first deer

Paul Childerley guides hunters, new, old, experienced and, in this case, practically vegetarian. Imogen has not only not shot a deer before, she doesn’t even eat meat from anything other than fish. But she likes to know where her food comes from, and that’s why she wants to try deerstalking. It gives her lean, healthy […]

Fieldsports Britain – Vegetarian Changes her Mind

Imogen is a pescatarian not a true veggie – but she cares about what she eats, and she has decided that wild game is fat-free, processing-free, drug-free and sustainable. So, she is out with Paul Childerley in Bedfordshire on her first ever deerstalking outing. Find out how she gets on and whether she can cope. […]


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