Hunting show exposé funded by ads… for hunting show

Pressure from animal rights activists has scared the NEC Bimingham into banning hunting guides from exhibiting at the Great British Shooting Show in 2020. Please help reverse this situation by signing our petition on the petition website, here: – it has hit 3,000 signatures in just a few days, boosted by a call […]

Fieldsports Britain – the carbon rifle revolution

Paul Childerley travels to the Sako factory in Finland to find out how the Finns make their advanced carbon rifle stocks. Join him behind the closed doors of the Sako factory to watch them produce stocks. Meanwhile, Charlie is getting stressed in Italy. Swarovski is hosting its #huntingsummit2019 and the theme this year is how […]

Stress-testing shooters at #huntingsummit2019

Charlie Jacoby is at the #huntingsummit2019 in Tuscany, where co-sponsors Swarovski, Steyr Arms, norma ammunition and Sitka clothing have built a rifle range into the side of old cliffs. He is there with 20 other ethical hunters to find out how stress affects them when they go shooting. ▶ For more films and pictures for […]


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