Rifle destruction test: Sako 85 Carbonlight

Some people look at the new carbon stock material and worry that it will snap. Sako wants to reassure them, so has charged Paul Childerley with trying to destroy one of the Carbonlight rifles. ▶ For more information about the Sako range of rifles and bullets go to Sako.fi and follow them Instagram.com/sako_international ▶ To […]

Dr Mark Avery’s vision for the countryside – Fieldsports Channel Podcast episode 7

It’s the battle for who runs the countryside: Dr Mark Avery is part of the Wild Justice group which successfully stopped the general licences, he campaigns against gamekeepers whom, he claims, kill hen harriers, and he wants the countryside rewilded. He argues his points with Charlie Jacoby, who represents gameshooters, pest controllers and the managed […]

Fieldsports Britain – we thrash a rifle to bits

Just how tough is your rifle? Paul Childerley takes a brand new Sako 85 Carbonlight, runs over it with an armoured personnel carrier, drags it through mud water, shoots it and sees if it fires at all, let alone straight. Find out how how he gets on. Meanwhile, Charlie meets one of the most dangerous […]


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