Wonderful Wicklow sika stalking with John Fenton

Irish deerstalking legend John Fenton takes Paul Childerley, Jason Doyle and a Sako 85 Carbonlight into the Wicklow Hills to stalk sika. In the latest in our Barrels & Brass series with Sako rifles, find out about the history of this deer in Ireland, and how difficult they are to find and shoot. ▶ For […]

Animal Liberation Front kills thousands of pheasants

Last week, activists hit a small family game farm in Kent. They struck in the middle of the night and released thousands of birds to certain death. Kent Police says it is investigating. Officers are appealing for anyone with information to call the appeal line on 01622 604100 quoting crime reference 46/132523/19. You can also […]

Andy is back after pigeons on the stubble – CrowHow

When the government stopped the general licences, we thought that was it for shooting pigeons over stubble. Not a bit of it. Andy Crow is now back enjoying a big clean-up day with friends, and a keen young shot who has only been pigeon shooting once before. Andy is sponsored by: ▶ Blaser Blaser-Sporting.com or […]

Fieldsports Britain – Crow’s new young pigeon shot

Jack Carrington takes pole position in the pigeon hide next to Andy Crow this week. The 13-year-old and his dad are out with Crow, as well as other friends and relations scattered across four hides on the farm Andy manages in Kent. They are shooting pigeons over stubble, and it could be one of the […]


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