Ben Husthwaite on the going-away chandelle clay pigeon – Smokin’ Targets

Top shot Ben Husthwaite takes his Shotkam out after the ‘going-away chandelle’ on the clay ground. He reveals his techniques for shooting one of the most difficult targets in sporting clays. ▶ This item is sponsored by Gamebore ▶ Improve your shooting with a Shotkam from our shop This item appears on YouTube […]

Bring roe deer in close with a simple squeak

Roy Lupton is out after roe deer. With the bucks rutting at the end of July, he calls them in to cull them. Join him on some of the most exciting deerstalking the UK has to offer. ▶ £200 off Leica rangefinders (only UK & ROI) ▶ Buy a buttolo and call your own […]

Fieldsports Britain – Roy of the Rutters

With the roe rut underway, Roy Lupton calls in bucks using a buttolo call. Find out how easy that is to do at this time of year. Meanwhile, Ben Husthwaite brings you the latest on chandelle targets in his Smokin’ Targets series. David is on the News Stump, Charlie brings you Hunting YouTube, and we […]

Carter Jonas Game Fair Theatre 2019

Fieldsports Channel ran three days of chatshows at the 2019 Game Fair, in the Carter Jonas Game Fair Theatre. From shooting organisations to TV stars such as Jeremy Wade, Charlie grilled, toasted and roasted the most prominent voices in the world of shooting and fishing. Here is a selection:   See also FieldsportsChannel Podcast #14 […]


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