Boris’s big plans for hunting and shooting

It’s a big year for shooting sports in the UK parliament. Newly-elected prime minister Boris Johnson will rule on whether we can go pigeon shooting, deer stalking and shooting overseas – and that’s just the start. It was a good election for hunting and shooting – but will it be a good 2020? We talk […]

Muntjac hunting secret weapon

Paul Childerley has a special call he has not revealed on Fieldsports Channel before. All of his deerstalking friends have their secret techniques, but Paul’s closely-guarded muntjac call is the best of them all, he reckons. He tries it out on a management hunt in Gloucestershire. Paul is sponsored by: ▶ Zeiss ▶ Shooterking ▶ […]

Fieldsports Britain – deer manager at work

Nothing glamorous about this: Paul is doing his rounds with his rifle, looking for cull deer. On this ground in Gloucestershire, he might see muntjac, roe deer and fallow deer. In the end, he gets close to a muntjac and unleashes his special call to bring it closer. Meanwhile, the general election puts all shooting […]