Scottish government sells trophy hunts – Fieldsports News, 27 May 2020

Here are the links: ‘Hypocrite’ Scottish government sells permits to trophy hunters – Scottish Mail Cumbria gamekeeping college to close – Fieldsports News Vegan extremist website back online after police shutdown – Fieldsports News ‘Forceful’ sabs make golf course scrap fox control – Facebook Men imprisoned for stealing shotgun, car and Doberman from shooting range […]

The Bird Table of Doom 2

Fieldsports Channel shareholder and member Nigel Appleton has got a problem. Corvids (jays, jackdaws and others) are killing the songbird chicks in his garden. Plus they are nicking his chicken feed. He uses military skill and a Weihrauch HW 100 to feed them in and knock them down – and all in accordance with general […]

How to age and measure muntjac

Deer manager Paul Childerley has plenty of muntjac on his ground in Bedfordshire, and takes clients out to stalk them. He is an expert on what makes a good muntie trophy – and he explains it all here. Paul is sponsored by: ▶ Sako ▶ Zeiss ▶ Shooterking ▶ To go stalking with Paul, email

Fieldsports Britain – Death to Squirrels

  Ollie Williams picks up his shotgun to go squirrel shooting. After the success of shooters clearing the island of Anglesey of grey squirrels to make way for the reintroduction of native red squirrels, Ollie is part of a Cornwall-wide effort to do the same in England’s most south-westerly county. Plus he is doing local […]

Ollie Williams’ grey squirrel shoot

  That bloke off #LoveIsland is out hunting down squirrels. Ollie Williams shows how knocking over a few greys helps bring back Britain’s native red squirrels. He walks the land around his home in Cornwall. ▶ Red Squirrel Survival Trust ▶ Cornwall Red Squirrel Project ▶ For Ollie’s sporting agency, visit ▶ […]


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