Zeiss DTI 3/35 thermal spotter – review

Thermal imaging has become an essential tool for gamekeepers, pest controllers and deer managers. From almost none a couple of years ago, there are now a huge variety of products to choose from. The old man of traditional optics, Zeiss, planned a grand launch for its first entry into the thermal market in the rpsing […]

Fabulous duck flighting at dusk

  Gamekeeper Paul Childerley goes duck shooting. There’s a pond on his shoot in Bedfordshire that’s away from the main duck ponds, and it is attracting wild duck, including widgeon and teal, which are a delicious addition to the Christmas dinner table. He calls them in then, as it gets dark, takes his thermal spotter […]

Cattyshack Wayne’s amazing squirrel shot

  It’s world-class precision slingshot hunting, as Cattyshack’s Wayne Martin and friend Matt Lower go out for pheasant, dove, rabbit and squirrel on a permission in Sussex – and Wayne gets a stunningly (literally) good shot on a squirrel. For Wayne’s catapults, visit Cattyshack.co.uk

Fieldsports Britain – expert catapult hunt

  Wayne is one of the country’s top slingshot hunters – and he shows off his skills with his buddy Matt Lower. They are on a mooch around a Sussex farm permission looking for a pheasant for the pot, squirrels, rabbits and feral pigeons. That’s not all. Bedfordshire gamekeeper Paul Childerley completes his rounds with […]

BBC flogs puppies for fun – Fieldsports News, 9 December 2020

  Here are the links: BBC exploits lockdown dog price hike – BBC and petition Bird flu prompts Britain-wide ‘protection zone’ from 14 December – government press release Pressure grows on arrested Liverpool mayor to go – Fieldsports News Thousands of fish die after canal breach – Leicester Mercury Pet flea chemicals are poisoning rivers […]


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