Cosmic Cornish crow shoot Fieldsports Nation member Jon Reed is a shooting sportsman from West Cornwall. Charlie risks falling off the edge of the world by driving down to see him for a day’s crow, rook and jackdaw shooting, not far from RNAS Culdrose, which explains the helicopters. Crow calls: Jon’s choice from Primos and Nordik Barrborn

Fieldsports Britain – how to call in crows, rooks and jackdaws

Look out Cornish crows. Charlie is off to the Lizard this week to meet Fieldsports Nation member Jon Reed, who is decoying crows over newly-drilled barley. Jon gives Charlie a masterclass in calling corvids. Meanwhile, FITASC world champion Sam Green is back to improve your shooting, this week helping a novice shot with her first […]

Queen’s Speech plans for hunting and shooting – Fieldsports News, 12 May 2021 Here are the links:Boris plans animal rights laws – Fieldsports News English Heritage attacks local wildlife management – TwitterRSPB gets its talons into Invercauld Estate – Police Scotland and West Mercia PoliceBritain’s biggest bird of prey to be reintroduced in Norfolk – Roy DennisNada Farhoud’s hare out of place Twitter and TwitterNorthern Irish anti speaks […] – the relaxed social media network that’s (slowly) taking on Facebook

Mark Heath from Staffordshire is a fieldsports photographer-turned-Zuckerberg. Back in the 1990s he worked as a photographer specialising in hunting and shooting sports for titles including Horse & Hound and Countryman’s Weekly. Today, he has turned his ‘media activism’ to help spread a positive message about fieldsports and, as part of that, he founded […]


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