Why rewilding wolves in the UK is a bad idea

www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPzsool6v9E “It’s a bit weird, but personally I’d love this country to have a sustainable wolf population,” Ian Coghill tells me after spending several minutes explaining why plans to rewild wolves in the UK are bad ideas. Then he gets back on track. “To do it, you’ve got to bite the bullet. You’ve got to […]

Game Fair 2021 – review

www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlyvSwnXY9I Will we look back on the 2021 Game Fair as a turning point for shooting sports? Charlie Jacoby thinks so, as he interviews country pople’s peer Lord Botham and BBC Countryfile’s Adam Henson, meets kids getting jobs in the countryside, finds out whether rural Britain is racist, and realises just how irrelevant Wild Justice […]

Fieldsports Britain – satnav stalking

www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDdQLSKvuqA New tech means it’s harder than ever for deer to get away. Tim Pilbeam has his hands on the latest gadget from Swarovski – the EL binos with Tracking Assistant. It’s a GPS device you use to pinpoint and ‘paint’ deer so you can find them later. Meanwhile, Charlie is at the 2021 Game […]

Shooting launches #aimtosustain – Fieldsports News, 28 July 2021

youtu.be/kyd6uiznwZo Here are the links:Shooting and country organisations form super group – AimtoSustain.org.ukGun control nutters target kids – CW Herald + The StarWoodland group sues to save tree killers – Science FocusGold medallist lashes out at Olympic sport bossesVet recommends essential oils for partridges – StDavids-Gamebirds.co.ukRomanian government under fire over bear policyUS state scraps bear […]


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