Owl boxes with an expert – FieldsportsChannel Podcast, episode 59

Jodie Case is an owl nut. Representing the Owl Box Initiative, she brings an owl box to the stage of the Carter Jonas Game Fair Theatre. She explains how to make the ideal owl box, to attract owls to your garden, plus talks about her work researching owls. For more, go to @OwlBoxInit and @JCaseNature […]

How to use a ballistic turret

Josh McKeown from Braces of Bristol explains how a ballistic turret on your scope can help you take quick, accurate shots in the field, whatever the range your quarry appears, and with no need to estimate holdover. Find out about Braces of Bristol at BracesOfBristol.com

Dogs bred to hunt the Arctic tundra

Paul is putting in the miles hunting ptarmigan and capercaillie in glorious Lapland. It’s tough going over wet terrain in a biting wind. That demands a special sort of bird dog. Paul visits the kennels at Pinetree Lodge to meet the dogs, from husky crosses to spaniels and setters. Then it’s out across the tundra […]

Shoots to get Government cash – Fieldsports News, episode 633

youtu.be/5xWzda4TQS4 Here are the links: Government money to help wildlife – Gov.uk Police helicopters nab poachers – Facebook Constabularies halt issuing licences – Telegraph Pheasants keep a cool head when fighting – Telegraph World junior shooting champion dies in tragic accident – Daily Mail Queen’s cocker wins Windsor championship – Facebook Councillor wants big dogs […]


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