Police gun grabs: a former Met detective advises…

by Deborah Hadfield and Charlie Jacoby Former Metropolitan police detective Ian Jensen says police have limited legal rights to take a gun. He says: “The police don’t have a legal right in general to enter your home, certain rules have to apply. They can enter to protect life and limb. They can enter to arrest […]

Nigel Doney: Devon & Cornwall gun grab case study

by Deborah Hadfield and Charlie Jacoby Nigel Doney from Cornwall has been shooting for 40 years. He had an unexpected police visit after he sold one of his guns. Nigel says that officers took his remaining gun because he couldn’t produce his certificate. It was away being processed by the police. He is the latest […]

Paul’s super slingshot squirrel

www.youtube.com/watch?v=hefvqX0fOA8 Ever seen a man stick his hand down a hole to retrieve a squirrel? This is the film for you, as Paul Childerley tries out catapult-shooting on his shoot in Bedfordshire, in the safe hands of Wayne Martin.  For HIKMicro thermal, visit EliteOptical.co.uk For more about Wayne’s slingshots, go to CattyShack.co.uk Find Paul on […]

Fieldsports Britain – cats and rats

www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsAvZ_eDfZk We have catapults on squirrels and a big outing after rats  in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain. Find out how to fit your catapult to you – and watch (in awe) as Paul Childerley retrieves a wriggling squirrel. Meanwhile, James Marchington is out with the Suffolk & Norfolk Rat Pack after their arch enemies. And Deborah […]

Plymouth shootings: the police gun licensing backlash

by Deborah Hadfield and Charlie Jacoby Shooters in Dorset, Devon & Cornwall say the police are punishing them as a kneejerk reaction to a shooting in Plymouth in August 2021. Now the facts support them. The number of gun certificates revoked in the South-West is nine times higher than normal. BASC uncovered the figures following […]


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