Sam Green wins the Essex Masters 2022

Browning sponsored shooter Sam Green has won the 2022 Essex Masters – and he’s over the moon. The shoot is widely regarded as ‘the big one’ that kicks off the Sporting clay season in the UK, and as Sam says, “It’s the one everyone wants to win.” It is shot over two courses totalling 200 […]

Will there be birds to shoot this Christmas? by Deborah Hadfield There are rumours that poult prices have bust through the £10 barrier and gone as high as £17 per poult. If true, that’s going to make shooting expensive during the 2022/23 season. News correspondent Deborah Hadfield takes a cool look at the truth behind the rumours. Dominic Boulton of the Game […]

Filthy feral catapult shoot Catapult king Wayne Martin has a job on his hands. Feral pigeons have taken over some big  farm barns.  Armed with their slingshots, Wayne and his buddy Matt are out to reduce numbers. For hunting Wayne is using his EVO Field Pro catapult, with a 25/20 taper, of Catty Shack ‘Great White’ band, in […]

Fieldsports Britain – catapoo hunting Wayne Martin is wading through the feral pigeon guano to get to the birds who are causing it. He and buddy Matt are knocking down ferals in a barn with their  catapults. We’re also at the first major Sporting clayshoot of the British season – James Marchington reports from the Essex Masters. And will […]


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