Sako 100 rifle – how to change the barrel Fresh from hunting with the new Sako 100 in .375H&H in Mozambique, professional deer manager Paul Childerley learns how to removed and swap the barrel. Sako product manager Taneli Pokkinen recommends a switch-calibre platform for cross-season hunting. The Sako 100 is a versatile, future-proof platform designed for an advanced hunter wishing to explore their […]

Sako 100 – first hunt – Mozambique It’s the Sako 100’s first outing in Africa. Paul Childerley takes the new rifle in .375H&H calibre to Mozambique. In this first film, he is out after Lichtenstein’s hartebeest for meat, plus he discovers just how many livelihoods hunting tourism pays for in this part of Africa: more than 1,000. For the Sako 100 and […]

Fieldsports Britain – Paul hunts Africa with new rifle and ammo Paul Childerley is in a strange country with strange rifle and bullets, and a mission to supply meat for the camp. He is after Lichtenstein’s hartebeest in Mozambique, where he finds 1,000 people who depend on the money that hunting tourism brings to the area. Meanwhile, a party of kids get their first taste […]

Grouse shooter vs RSPB – FieldsportsChannel Podcast, episode 69

It’s Ian Coghill, ex chairman of the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, vs Duncan Orr-Ewing of the RSPB, slugging it out on the Carter Jonas Game Fair Theatre stage about whether the RSPB is failing birds, and whether grousemoors are good for them. Charlie Jacoby is moderator. Buy Ian’s book Moorland Matters on Amazon. Other […]

Why one woman wants more people to go big game hunting

by Deborah Hadfield Emma Stander believes that big game hunting needs an influx of women. She says it would boost the hunting business – and that it’s up to her to share the reality and beauty of hunting to attract them. The 19-year-old, who lives in the Northern Cape province of South Africa, says: “I […]

RSPB attacks gamekeepers – Fieldsports News, 16 November 2022 Here are the links: RSPB ‘persecution’ report attacks gamekeepers – Sky + Fieldsports News  Wildfire destroys National Trust Snowdonia land – Liverpool Echo Bird flu cases fall across UK – DEFRA + latest up-date  Antis mount new campaign to ban trophy hunting – Twitter + private member’s bill Antis block expansion of clay ground […]


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