Tested: HIK Micro Falcon FQ50 Pro thermal spotter

youtu.be/fliO-uk1xFc Mark Ripley, known as 260Rips on YouTube, is testing the latest thermal spotter from Scott Country: the HikMicro Falcon FQ50 Pro. He uses it to spot foxes, deer and rabbits, day or night, as part of his pest control duties. Today he’s after rabbits on a farm where they’re causing damage to grazing land. […]

Thugs attack hunter over Daily Mirror article

youtu.be/Cb8pfZn-EBM Essex businessman Syed Rizwan is a conservation hero. That’s what hunters call him. The father-of-three pours hundreds of thousands of pounds into wildlife and biodiversity projects worldwide. Anti-hunters take a different view. They call him ‘scum’ and ‘filth’ among hundreds of repulsive emails, messages and phone calls. Syed Rizwan funds conservation all over the […]

Duck with a red-dot sight

www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qu_A3P_9HJ4It’s a classic driven pheasant and duck shoot for Roy Lupton, except it’s in Sweden and all the shooters are using Aimpoint red dot sights. He masters his Aimpoint S1 and puts it through its paces on snow-covered ground among some of the stateliest scenery southern  Sweden has to offer. The guns are also shooting […]

Five dead goshawks – what the police missed

by Charlie Jacoby A tweet by Suffolk Constbulary has put a wedge between police and shooters. Spotting a feather out of place, shooters now want to know if the evidence the police presented is all that it seems. After the discovery of five dead goshawks near a car park at woodland popular with walkers, Suffolk […]