How the RSPB causes the biggest British wildfires

At a time when governments spend billions on reducing the amount of carbon that goes into the atmosphere, two organisations are still pumping it out. Thanks to their policies on controlled burning, the RSPB and the National Trust are causing more, not less, of the climate change they say they are committed to stopping. The […]

Fieldsports Britain – farmyard pests With a new permission to shoot, Elliot Roberts is out after ferals, rooks and hooded crows. It’s a farmyard in the north of Scotland and the farmer wants his crops and cattlefeed saved from the marauders. Meanwhile, rifleshooting instructor Andrew Venables explains how to take a moving shot on a deer, for those occasions […]

Freehand shooting: how to bring down an injured deer

You’ve shot it, but then it stands up and starts running off. You have a few seconds to take a second shot and bring it down, usually under much more demanding circumstances than your first shot. Andrew Venables from WMS Firearms Training believes hunters need to dump their comfort blankets. Meaning they need to bin […]

Proof the UK has wild panthers – Fieldsports News, 17 May 2023 Here are the links: Black panthers exist in UK countryside – Panthera Britannia documentary on AmazonDevon and Cornwall Police promise detailed review – ITV News reportPackham Three libel case concludes – Guardian news storyGlencoe deer cull clash – Scottish GamekeepersUK venison feeds Ukrainians – Country Food TrustScientists say meat essential for health – Animal […]

Scottish feral pigeon shoot

A new permission is a blank canvas. Elliot Roberts has a farmyard in the north of Scotland that he hasn’t tried before. He gives it a walk-about with shotgun in hand to see what’s there. This video appeared in Fieldsports Britain 703. For more from Browning, go to Find Elliot Roberts on Facebook and […]

Win a £95 tickproof jacket – Fieldsports Extra, episode 272

Play Video You could win a thermal gilet priced at £79 in this week’s Fieldsports Extra. Plus there’s skinning an elk in Finland with Paul Childerley, the future of the countryside with Gareth Wyn Jones and Charlie is all over tigers in India.This week’s prizes and other links:Thermal giletRovince Ergoline Softshell Lyme disease awareness month  Snake in […]


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