Gamekeepers’ curlew chick success by Deborah Hadfield Kill the foxes and the curlews will thrive. That’s the conclusion of gamekeepers at an Irish Grouse Conservatiom Trust project in Northern Ireland. Curlews are a rare sight in Northern Ireland. Loss of habitat has put them in decline for decades. They came off the quarry list in the province in […]

Fieldsports Britain – hunting the Game Fair buck José Souto plans to cut up a deer in front of an audience of 100s. It’s up to Paul Childerley to find him that deer. Paul goes out with José and Will Hogan stalking roebucks in the Home Counties. Meanwhile, Dan Thor is enjoying a simulated game day in Devon and answering the question: […]

Who is the fastest cartridge stuffer in the West (Country)?

Here’s what a day at Devon Clay Days teaches you: Dan Thor loads one cartridge at a time. His girlfriend Shannon loads two at once. Which is better in a high-pressure situation such as a simulated game day? Find out in this film. For more about Miroku and Browning guns, go to Find Jack […]

How to shoot deer when the crops are high

Paul Childerley has a date with a deer which can’t be missed. He booked in to join top game chef and senior lecturer at Westminster Kingsway College, José Souto, on the stage at the 2023 Game Fair at Ragley Hall for a deer butchery demo . No deer, no demo. One of the issues he […]

Riot squad stops pigeon shoot – Fieldsports News, 26 July 2023 Here are the links: Armed police stop legal pigeon shoot and confiscate guns  Water company’s grouse shooting ban – Countryside Alliance MP appeals for government to act over GL43 crisis – Urban first minister Drakeford bumps into country reality – BBC John Muir Trust launches investigation into boss – Inverness Courier Countryside Alliance […]


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