On Test: Savage Arms 110 Lightweight Storm

  Jason Doyle puts the Savage Arms 110 Lightweight Storm through its paces. He takes this rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor up into the Wicklow Hills in stormy conditions to try to take a sika hind. Find out how he gets on. For Savage Arms, visit SavageArms.com For more about Hornady’s ELD-X bullets, see our review […]

Stormy sika stalking – Fieldsports Ireland episode 18

Jason stalks sika hinds alone in the Wicklow mountains. It’s a not just test of kit and shooting but also his filming ability as he attempts to self-film the hunt in less than ideal weather. Then Jason hands the rifle to Daniel in even more savage conditions to stalk a mountain sika stag. Daniel’s girlfriend […]


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