Choke Demon – shotgun choke removal tools If you ever struggle getting your shotgun chokes out or your worried about over tightening then Richard Pinch has the product for you. For the full range of ChokeDemon products go to Use as part of your routine maintenance or for extracting stubborn or difficult to remove chokes.

Steel shot vs clay pigeon – how far does it break them? While we were filming our steel vs barrels challenge at Orston Shooting Ground we asked professional clay coach and top competitor Nick Hendrick if he could see how far he could smash a CCI eco-clay with an Eley Eco Wad Cartridge. Let’s just say we started at 100 metres…

Eco-Clay pigeons – Evolution and performance CCI has produced a toxin free clay pigeon that performs as well as the pitch and coal tar traditional clays we all know and shoot. After spending lots of £££s, Johnny Goodhart’s company has created the perfect recipe of chalk and resin and a secret ingredient. But does it perform and what hurdles did […]

George Digweed MBE’s 130 yard shot: 10 years and 4.7 million views George relives the moment when infront of hundreds of spectators he breaks a clay at 130 yards using standard Gamebore shells. As part of an exhibition shoot at the Bisley Live event, George started at 10 yards and made his way back to the incredible distance of 130 yards. Not only was it a […]

Setting world records – Fieldtester, episode 9

It’s all about shooting world records in our new kit-testing show Fieldtester. Wayne Martin attempts to break the world record for shooting a clay pigeon with a catapultl. George Digweed talks about his 130-yard clay, which we filmed 10 years ago, and how that has inspired video after video on YouTube. We also look into […]


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