Fishing with no Gear – Fishing Britain Shorts

When handed just some fishing line, some hooks and a knife Hywel has to revert back to the forager deep within and work out how to catch a fish with the Bare Essentials and some grey matter. This first appeared in Fishing Britain, episode 17. To watch the whole show go to  

Fishing Britain NEWS – “Fish Are Friends Not Food!”

This weeks Fishing Britain NEWS headlines are: American actress says ‘Fish are friends not food!’ A fishing group has secured £75,000 in grants to restore a fishing pond in Hull. A deep-sea fish normally caught off the coast of Ireland has tuned up in 50ft of water off the south coast of England. A dispute […]

Fishing Britain – Fishing with sticks

Fishing Britain – Fishing with sticks

In mid Wales Hywel Morgan gets back to his roots, well… branches actually, as he sees if he can fish with the bare essentials. We give him a hook and line, and tell him to get on with it. For more about Springwater Lakes, visit The British fly champion Terry Bromwell takes on the […]


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