Dry Fly fishing in the Midlands

The River Dove offers some of the best trout fishing in the Midlands. Andy Buckley from Farlows fishing shop in London was a little put out that Hywel Morgan beat him in 16 minutes when challenged to a Veniards 120 challenge on his home beat on the Dove: see www.youtube.com/watch?v=GynEXjbakZs So he is back to […]

NEW DCR – Daiwa Custom Revolution

NEW DCR – Daiwa Custom Revolution

The new DCR Daiwa Custom Revolution Website is now active. You choose how your new tackle will look. Select different components and different styles of the Basia reel and and the Infinity 12’ Magnum Taper rod. Save your designs, order them and collect them from a DCR dealer. Stand out from the crowd and don’t […]

Epic Iceland: New Trout River

Imagine crystal clear running rivers filled with large wild brown trout and an almost unspoilt landscape (apart from a tepee and your friends). What better way to discover Iceland and its new top trout fishing location? Hywel Morgan visits this pristine fishing river that’s just opened for visitors via one of Iceland’s best sporting angling […]

Feeding Cows Kills Fish – Fishing Britain NEWS

✩ The silage cutting season has caused fish kills in Northern Ireland. ✩ Salmon can cost up to £10,000 each on estates, but are there enough of them? ✩ And Gerard Butler out fishing has a close call with a maniac helicopter pilot. All in this weeks Fishing Britain NEWS. This item is part of […]

Fishing Britain Hookers – Trout, LRF & Mullet

Fishing Britain Hookers is a round-up of what our viewers have been up to. This week we have first timers – light rock fishing with Gary from Glasgow Angling Centre and an English Rugby star catching a mullet. Send us your video clips via email, dropbox or YouTube to aaron@fieldsportschannel.tv This item is part of […]

Fishing Britain – Wild Trout Experts

Wild Trout Experts – Fishing Britain, episode 30

Everything you always wanted to know about trout fishing this week. Hywel Morgan is in Iceland discovering a new way of fishing for wild brown trout on pristine streams that tumble down the sides of volcanos. Andy Buckley is on his favourite stretch of the River Dove in the Midlands, showing off dry fly techniques […]


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