Fly fishing for Aberdovey Bass

Hywel goes out on Mat Rickard’s boat Mia Moo from Aberdovey with the intention of trying fly fishing for bass but due to weather Hywel ended up catching on lures instead. Some times when the fish don’t come to you, you have to go and look for the fish and they find them right at […]

Angler’s car drowns – Fishing Britain News

Angling is tougher than it looks. Anglers put as much strain on their hearts during fishing competitions as Premier League footballers in a match, researchers have discovered. The research came from the Fish ‘O’ Mania match, which has a top prize of £30,000. Anglers wore heart-rate monitors An angler from South Gloucestershire has landed a […]

Fishing Britain – Zandermania

Zandermania – Fishing Britain, episode 32

It’s Zandermania! The big fishing competition with the best predator fishers in the country to raise money for Team England Lure Squad. And it’s not just zanders. Hywel Morgan gets wet, thinks West Wales is the Bahamas – he is saltwater fly fishing for bass – and introduces the show. Fishing Britain News features the […]

Team England Lure Squad in action

Zandermania was held on the Gloucester canal and anglers from far and wide travelled to compete for significant prizes. It was in aid of raising money for the England Lure squad to take part in the World Predator Classics in France next year. Garry Palmer, Captain of the England Lure Squad is the organiser. We […]


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