Civilised evening rise

Trout fishing with dry fly on a small stillwater is the perfect way to relax. So why not join world champion fly caster Hywel Morgan for an evening of tips and tactics that help catch those cruising fish that make the still waters of Welsh lake Garnffrwd boil. This item also appears in Fishing Britain. […]

Savage Frogs – Fishing Britain Gear Guide

Savage Frogs – Fishing Britain Gear Guide

We are trying out the Savage Gear 3D frogs, along with one of the new 3D Line Thru trout. They are designed by Savage Gear using a 3D scanning process of a real frog and real fish, to make them as realistic as possible. We test the light green twitch frog and the Black Buzz […]

Ally Gowans ties his Ally Shrimp – flytying

Salmon-fishing legend Ally Gowans invented the Ally Shrimp in 1979. It has gone on to be one of the most popular salmon flies in the world, along with another of his creations, the Cascade. In this film, he ties the Ally Shrimp and talks about its history – and how it has affected him. Here’s […]

Fishing Britain – Lords of the Flies

Lords of the Flies – Fishing Britain, episode 35

Two of the top flyfishers in the world feature in this week’s Fieldsports Britain. Hywel Morgan gets all excited about how to fish the evening rise on a still water with dry flies. And we join Ally Gowans on a Scottish salmon river where he reveals how he came up with his world-famous Ally Shrimp […]


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