Moc Morgan: a Life in Fishing

Moc Morgan: a Life in Fishing

Flyfishing legend Moc Morgan has been fishing for over three quarters of a century. In that time he has seen and done just about everything that angling has to offer. In this film, Moc shares some thoughts on why he thinks we go fishing and what it means to him to be out on the […]

Build a rod + Catch a fish

World champion fly fisherman Hywel Morgan finds himself up against another Veniards 120 challenge. This time, instead of having to tie flies and catch a fish in 120 minutes, he has to build a fishing rod using a blank,some rings, and Veniards has sent him some Bug Bond. Will he be able to do build […]

Casting Clinic: The Catch Cast

When you are out on the bank and you want to save time when changing your fly then there is no better way to show off to the other anglers on the bank than with the catch cast. World class flycaster Hywel Morgan show you how easy it can be to look like the best […]

Fishing Britain – The A-Team of Fishing

The A-Team of Fishing – Fishing Britain, episode 36

Only two hours to build a rod and catch fish… Hmmm… If you have this problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them… maybe you can hire The A-Team. Hywel ‘BA’ Morgan has just 120 minutes to catch a fish but there are no rings on his rod. Can he […]


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