Chris De Margary’s Lough Salmon Fishing Tips #1

Chris De Margary is not just a great musician (Simply Red, Steve Winwood), he is also a great salmon fisherman. This is the first of his series of lough salmon fishing tips, filmed on Glen Lough in Donegal. Chris and Simply Red’s Mick Hucknall own the Glenmore Estate in Donegal. Visit This item appears […]

Fishing Britain – Grand Crucian Carp

Grand Crucian Carp – Fishing Britain, episode 39

Fishing Britain is back – new presenter, new year, new films. Martin Salter introduces the show and takes us on a journey to find how to catch crucian carp, one of Britain’s most magical fish. He also looks at the role of the National Crucian Conservation Project, which is helping restocking, and he visits Godalming […]

Dynamiting Fish – Fishing Britain News

The headlines this week: ✩ Tourists dynamite fish in China ✩ British police target Polish anglers ✩ Bass better off on rod and line ✩ Google polices the world’s trawlermen ✩ Angler fish wins ugly prize Fishing for facts, landing the stories! This item appears in Fishing Britain, episode 39. To watch the whole show […]


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