Complete Tikka stalking package for £750 off

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Fancy a new Tikka? Staffordshire and online gunshop Shooting Sports UK is offering a saving of £750 on a complete stalking package that includes a Tikka Superlite rifle in your choice of calibre, mounts, Steiner scope, Stalon moderator, carbon fibre bipod, shooting sticks, and an Outdoor Edge knife, all for £2,400, down from £3,150.

“It’s a very good deal,” says Dan Bibb of Shooting Sports UK. “It’s a package of reliable kit that means you can get straight out into the field. We’ll set it all up and zero it for you. If you’re lucky we might even take you out to shoot a deer…”

For more about the items in this package, and to see the range of guns and kit on offer, go to

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