UK hunting channel breaks 100 million views – news release

With the traditional start of the UK shooting season on the Glorious 12th August (it will be on 13th August this year as 12th falls on a Sunday), shooting and hunting sports have never been so popular.

UK-based Fieldsports Channel has joined the small and exclusive band of hunting/shooting TV channels around the world that have clocked up more than 100m views on YouTube. The four channels in this class are

  1. US hunting and fishing channel LunkersTV 142m views
  2. Australian hunting and outdoor channel TarraDarraBros140m views
  3. US airgun and hunting channel Ted’s HoldOver 119m views
  4. UK hunting, shooting and fishing channel Fieldsports Channel 100m views


The number two slot among European hunting channels is taken by a channel with 82m views and number three is a channel on 42m.

Only one anti-hunting channel has clocked up more than 100m views on YouTube – US-based PETA on 210m. The UK-based League Against Cruel Sports will be celebrating this week. It has just broken through 1m views. The League’s channel has averaged nearly 8,000 views a month since its launch in 2007. Showing the popularity of hunting and shooting sports, Fieldsports Channel gets around 200 times as many views – currently 1.5 million views a month, a figure that’s more than the viewership of almost every single TV show on BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Sky.

Among the US gun channels, a total of 100m views or more is common, with at least 10 channels clocking up that number. At their head is Hickok45 which this year will become the first gun channel to ring up 1bn views, followed by FPS Russia, currently on 826m views and DemolitionRanch on 753m views.

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It’s a good week for Fieldsports Channel. YouTube has selected Fieldsports Channel to become the first channel in the hunting/shooting/fishing market to trial YouTube’s new Series feature. Series on YouTube are for regular, long-form content. As a result, Fieldsports Channel’s weekly show Fieldsports Britain and other shows AirHeads, Claysports, Fishing Britain and Fieldsports Africa are now being considered for the OTT subscription TV service YouTube TV.

“We are delighted to be picked for YouTube Series. With more than 450 episodes of Fieldsports Britain available on our channel, we have long been a believer in YouTube as an outlet for long-form television,” says Fieldsports Channel presenter Charlie Jacoby. “YouTube Series is currently in beta and YouTube TV is currently only available in the USA. We expect YouTube to roll out both initiatives worldwide.

“We already have nearly 9 million individual logged-in viewers, who have watched our films on YouTube in the last 18 months. We expect that figure to grow quickly thanks to YouTube Series.

“More and more people are taking up hunting – people like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook – providing themselves and their families with delicious, sustainable, healthy, drug-free steaks to go with their chips, and doing the environment a favour too.”

Charlie Jacoby
For more about Fieldsports Channel, visit


Notes to editors
  • Fieldsports Channel launched on the Glorious 12th August 2009. It produces a range of TV shows including Fieldsports BritainAirHeadsFieldsports Africa and Claysports TV
  • Its viewership tops 8.6 million, whom it can reach with advertising via Google Shared Library.
  • It is YouTube’s most trusted hunting channel with advertisers, according to SlateScore
  • To talk to Charlie Jacoby, tel +447850195353 or email
  • For free-use high-res jpegs from Fieldsports Channel, go to

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