Vorn EV45 hunting backpack with rifle quick release

Fieldsports Channel’s Jason Doyle is a professional deerstalker who needs a good, comfortable backpack for hunting. He’s often stalking in demanding terrain, such as the Wicklow Mountains in his native Ireland.

“I’ve used Vorn backpacks for a number of years now, and the comfort with them really is second to none for somebody like me who does quite a bit of hill stalking,” Jason says.

“These new models from Vorn have the familiar rifle quick release system; the difference is that these new ones have a rigid, external frame. That gives the backpack a much stronger chassis, and you really feel the benefit of that if you’re carrying a lot of weight. They’re very comfortable, with a high quality harness system and belt so the pack sits much more solidly on your back.”

The other big benefit of the new Vorn models, Jason says, is that you can adjust the torso length of the pack. “You loosen a buckle and remove a little plastic tab, and the system slides up and down on the frame. When the pack is heavier, it means you can take the pressure off the shoulders and place it more on the hips.”

Jason also likes that there are several ways to access the pack, and several handy pockets for holding gear such as a stove, water bottle and other essentials like keys and phone.

“All in all, this provides a very comfortable way of carrying your rifle all day, and if you’re going to be on the hill you can have everything you need on your back. And if like me you like to field butcher your deer, there’s plenty of space to fit two hindquarters, two back straps and two shoulders of a deer.”

The Vorn EV45 is priced around £340. Find out more at Vorn.no.

Want to buy a Vorn backpack? Find the best offers from dealers around the country at Fieldsports Channel’s Kitfinder.

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